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Palm Trees
  • Can I have a tour without any performances?
    Yes. You can have a purely educational tour focusing on learning opportunities for you dancers. These types of tours do not require an audition.
  • When does my tour price become locked in?
    Your trip price becomes locked in when you receive your Final balance invoice. This is because flight taxes and currency exchange rates are constantly changing. Tour price must be locked in as an entire group and cannot be locked in for individuals prior to the final balance invoice.
  • Do I need to tip on tour in the USA?
    Yes and No. We have included the cost of tipping your local tour guides and bus drivers etc. in your tour package, however there are some instances in which you will be expected to tip while you are on tour. When you eat at a sit down restaurant you would tip your server and you would tip the staff who clean your hotel room, a Taxi or an Uber Driver etc. Tipping is customary in the USA and tipping percentages range from 15-20% based on the level of service provided.
  • Does my rooming configuration effect the cost of my tour?
    Yes. Our Tours are based off of Quad share pricing meaning you are in a room with 4 people and receiving the best price available. If you would like to have a single, twin or triple room, we can adjust the price accordingly to accommodate your rooming request. Please note that all room sharing is decided by the Studio Director. All bedding in rooms is 2 Queen size beds so if you are in a Quad Room you are sharing a bed.
  • Can I book Dance Team Travel and non escorted itineraries?
    Yes, we can book Team travel for competitions, festivals or any other dance events you would like to attend. Contact us today for more information
  • Do I need Travel Insurance to go on Tour
    Yes. We require all travellers on all of our escorted or international tours to have Travel Insurance prior to their final balance being paid. We are able to provide Travel Insurance quotes to all passengers however who they choose to take out cover with is at their discretion.
  • Do I need to pay for my trip upfront?
    No. We ask for a deposit per person to lock in your tour and then a second deposit is due 4months prior to travel and Final balance is normally due 6weeks prior to travel. You can also setup a direct debit payment plan to pay off your trip if this suits you better
  • Can you extend your trip?
    Yes. We are able to extend all dancers and their families flights at their request upon completion of their tour should they wish to do some more travel. Due to the studios rehearsal schedule prior to the trip, trip extensions are only available post tour.
  • Will there be any free time on tour?
    All of our tours have a great balance of scheduled activities and free time. While all of our tours include some free time for dancers and their families to get out on their own and explore, sometimes this will be an entire day, other times it will be a morning, afternoon or evening. This will depend on availability for your dance experiences and which days the events fall on. The great news is all of our tours are customisable so if a free day is important to you we can always add in an extra one or two, or three, or four. The choice is yours!
  • Do I need to isolate upon my arrival in the USA?
    There is no isolation period required upon arrival into the USA
  • Where can I find the most up to date Information on Travelling and Covid
    Smart Traveller has upto date Covid-19 information along with any additional information surrounding travel concerns for Australians to International Destinations. Please check the Smart Traveller Website for your travel requirements. Each country has their own requirements surrounding Covid-19 so it is best to check the website for Border Protection of the country you are travelling to for exact information. Here are a few of our most popular destinations below: USA UK FRANCE
  • Do I need to be vaccinated against Covid to travel internationally?
    While Majority of countries are beginning to relax their requirements surrounding covid vaccinations, the USA currently require Non-US Citizens to provide proof of Vaccination against Covid in order to travel there. Current at 2nd of April 2023 - information provided by the CDC
  • Do I need to wear a Mask on Tour
    There will be some instances on tour which you will be required to wear a mask (dancers back stage at Disney etc..) but not all of the time. If you wish to wear a mask for the entirety of the tour you are welcome to do so
  • Do I need to have the Covid Vaccination to travel?
    You do not need to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination to travel to and from Australia. Mask wearing on international flights to Australia is no longer mandatory. Travellers continue to be encouraged to consider wearing a mask to reduce their personal risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19. Requirements may vary by country, state or territory, and airline or vessel operator. Check your destination country's local public health orders for COVID-19 vaccination and mask requirements during transit and on arrival. You should also be aware of mask-wearing policies of your airline or vessel operator, and the Australian state or territory you are travelling to. Information provided by
  • Do I need a Covid test to Travel?
    The USA no longer require you to provide a negative Covid test upon arrival to enter the country however they reserve the right to ask you to take a test upon arrival.
  • Are these tours just for dancers?
    No, this Tour is for your dancers and their families. They are a great way to create a real Dance Community at your studio. If you would like it to just be for dancers you can opt to just take them if you wish. There are fabulous incentives for Studio Directors with groups of 40 people and over.
  • How far in advance should I book my studios Tour?
    We recommend booking your Dance Tour 12-18months in advance to give your dancers and their families time to save for the trip. You can book with a shorter or longer lead up period prior to travel if this better suits your studios travel needs. If you are booking for competitive travel or a self guided experience, please enquire as soon as possible to get the best prices available, but we can do this with little to no lead up time if necessary.
  • Are these Tours auditioned based?
    All of our performance tours require an audition. Each venue will also want to approve, the choreography, music and lyrics and costumes after your audition has been accepted to make sure you adhere to the high performance standards of the venue
  • Is there the opportunity for additional performances?
    Yes. We can always extend you itinerary to include additional performances. The pre-made itineraries already include the perfect amount of performances and scheduled experiences for the length of the trip.
  • How do I get the families on board?
    While our tours are very exciting and most people can't wait to jump onboard, we are here to help you along the way to answer questions and get as many people on your dance tour as possible. We can do information nights for your families, offer flyers and consultations with families.
  • How much does the Tour Cost?
    Tour prices are dependant upon the itinerary, duration, inclusions, time of year you are travelling, currency exchange rates, rooming configuration, number of pasengers etc. Please contact us to get up to date pricing for your perfect studio itinerary
  • Is there a minimum number of Passengers to travel?
    While there is no minimum number of passengers required to embark on one of our dance tours, there is a minimum number of performers. You must have 15 Dancers to be able to perform at majority of our venues, with larger venues such as Disney now requiring 20 for showcases and workshops. There are great incentives for studios owners when your group exceeds 40 passengers.
  • Does my studios performance have to be a certain Genre of dance?
    While there is no set genre, our performance venues prefer high energy pieces. We can organise a Tour for any genre of dance. All Disney parades are Jazz Choreography.
  • What incentives are available to Studio Owners?
    We appreciate our owners and want them to have a worry free experience as they are putting in so much work during the process creating routines, mixing tracks, selecting costumes, rehearsals etc... Please contact us today to talk about what incentives are available to you.
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