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Buddy System Tours were designed to pair together studios who each have a lower number of Dancers and Passengers so they too can experience a once in a lifetime Dance Tour. Applause Dance Tours do not want any Studios to be excluded due to not meeting performance venues minimum Dancer requirements. Enter Buddy System Tours.


Want to get on the Buddy List? Contact us today to meet your New Dance Studio Besties!

Who will I be travelling with?

You can pair up with another studio yourself or we can put you on our Buddy List and match you with another studio who also wants to travel.

Will we have to Perform together? Will this cut down on my performance time?

No and Yes. While you will not have to perform with your Buddy Studio, you will share a performance slot. This means you will be sharing your performance time between 2 studios. Where you previously would have had up to 25minutes you will now have a 12 minute Showcase at Disneyland. You can still have an extended Showcase at different performance locations such as Universal Studios and on Hollywood Boulevard. Not to mention a travelling Cheer Squad in your Buddy Studio.

When can we travel?

Our Buddy System Tours run over the September/October School Holidays, however we can run them any time of the year if agreed upon by both studios. Simply list your preferred time of travel in your sign up sheet and we can match you with another studio who has the same preference when one becomes available.

Will our workshops also be together?

Disney has a requirement for a minimum of 20 Dancers so yes, you will attend your Disney Workshops with your Buddy Studio. At external studios such as Millennium Dance Complex, you will be able to have a private workshop with just your Dance Family.

Where will the other studio be from?

This will vary depending on who is interested in travelling. We will not pair up two studios within 30minutes drive of each other unless requested by the Studio Directors. You also reserve the right to decline to travel with a particular studio and go back on the Buddy List.

Will there be time for just our Studio to spend by ourselves?

Yes absolutely. Our itineraries have plenty of down time built in, so you can spend time enjoying the Los Angeles area with your Dance Family. You will be with your Buddy Studio on organised touring and performance days only. Unless you want to spend more time with your new dance besties!

How many Dancers do we need to go on the Buddy List?

Unlike the 20 Dancers per studio required by Disney for their Performances and workshops, Buddy System Tours allow you to travel with just 12 Dancers and as little as 20 guests in total.

Can we do our own Studio Tour with low numbers?

Absolutely you can! Some experiences require a minimum number of Dancers but there are plenty of great learning and performance opportunities still available to you with lower numbers. Contact us today to create a custom itinerary for your studio.  


Click the 'Get More Info' button and fill out the Contact form and one of our Team Members will be in touch to get you on your way to your once in a lifetime Dance Adventure.

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